Gather Up and Swing Softly in Your Soul

Bring your girl-self, bring your woman-self and with her,
Bring your joy
Bring your sorrow, and your fiery soul
Bring your heart, bring your mind
Bring what is broken and Divine
Bring your tenderness
Bring your strength
Bring your life story at length
Bring your power, the breeze and the storm
Bring in the stuff that is only, and just you
Let your mind rest awhile
Swing softly in your soul
Tend to yourself and see what comes to bloom.
This is your invitation to meet yourself on your own terms. When you’re ready to rise up, rub your eyes and come down by the shore, for three days and two nights, just 39 women and you. When you’re ready to bring yourself, my women people, my friends, write to me and let me know.
I’ll meet you there.

To Be Continued Donna

For each time the Truth seemed to hurt

For each time compassion met you at the depth of your pain.

For every sacred moment you recognize in real time.

My story might be your medicine, and your story might be mine.

There’s more for you, Truthfairy.

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