For each time the Truth seemed to hurt


For each time compassion met you at the depth of your pain.

Your Truth is Yours

For every sacred moment you recognize in real time.

Your Truth Matters

My story might be your medicine, and your story might be mine.

Dear Truthfairy

There’s more for you, Truthfairy.

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Truthfairy Field Guide: No Guru Required is the grown-up girl’s guide to untangling yourself and becoming the best friend you’ve ever had. These seven little chats are like having coffee with that one girlfriend who just loves hanging out with you and knows exactly how to get you to see yourself the way she does, in all your sparkly glory, helping you remember who you really are when you seem to have forgotten. In just seven little missions, you are going to get clear about how you see the world, and how to harness your own brand of magic, one little truth at a time.