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Donna holds expansive space to explore all that is infinitely possible. My experience with her was both illuminating and spot on . . . she will see in you what you are unable to see yourself.

Sherri Hayter

Niagra Falls, Ontario, The Creative Idealist

Boundary Map™ Master Class is 3-Weeks of the best women’s boundary training available. Get the powerful get-and-go tools and strategies you need for your purpose-driven, heart-centered quest.

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“YES! I finally stood my ground! Boundary Map was exactly what I needed when I needed it.”

Breanna Matthews

Marketing Administrator, Lee's Summit, MO

Individual 1-Hour Truthfairy Untangling™ Sessions have launched women toward the brightest breakthroughs of their lives. Truthfairy hours are actionable, deep and enduring. It’s your time. Let’s get started.

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I experienced a deeper sense of freedom and connection with my personal truth in three sessions than I’m sure I would have in an entire year of actual therapy. The Truthfairy Experience was a powerfully positive life-changer and I’ll never be the same!

Adidja S., Corporate Management Services

Stanford, Connecticut

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September 10-24, 2016
  • Three Big-Intensive Live 75-Minute Video Classes (3 hours + 45 min)
  • Breakthrough Real-Time REAL LIFE Exercises you’ll use for a lifetime
  • Access to the Boundary Mapper Private Facebook Community (priceless)
  • Eye-Opening, Game-Changing, Customizable Untangling Sheets
  • A 30-minute 1-to-1 call to encourage you on your quest for heart-centered Boundary Mapping.


$350/60-Minute Session
  • 1-to-1 Private 60-Minute Session Via Phone or Video Conference
  • Uncover and Connect with the blocks and tangles that are holding you back from the life you’re ready to live
  • Real-Life Exercises you can implent and grow with immediately
  • 1 Follow-Up Email within the first week after your session
  • Intuitive insights and feedback that can change the way you look at things (for the better) forever
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What Women Are Saying . . .

Donna Syed is one person I absolutely trust with showing me the answers to boundary questions. It’s a critical element of living a life with intention and purpose.

Amy Jo Davies

Los Angeles, California, Women's Empowerment + Mindset Coach

I want to thank you for your compassion, your honest observations and encouragement. They were exactly what I needed to release that final block, so I could do the work I am meant to do.

Kelley Leffman, Marketing & Sales Executive

Monterey, California

I love the Truthfairy process for teaching the importance of speaking it! The truth shall set you free! Woman, you just rock!

Shari Akers, Restorative Health Coach

Denver, Colorado, Ageless Living Wellness Center

I was crushing on you at Truthfairy, but I fell in love with you at, “Do you feel that? That’s your Truth outgrowing your fear.”

Veronika Keuhn

Cologne, Germany

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