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Hello, my sweet women people! I hope today (yes, this one) will be a pivotal day in your journey to the core of your beautiful soul, and if you think dancing your way there seems more fun than a knitting group, I’m with you (I’m absolutely terrible at the yarning arts). Now at 47, and after 24 years of the most therapeutic learning and teaching experiences I’ve ever experienced ANYA Studios presents: Awaken Women Dance™. This truly fascinating and powerfully feminine layer-by-layer dance experience, rooted in ancient women’s dance, is a deepening and expanding process that joins women together in the ways we love–with joy, depth, belly laughs, compassion, freedom, connection, community, and strength. Every day, we can dance our way to being even better than we were the day before. If you’re just getting here, you’re where you should be, at the beginning.  Awaken Women Dance™ – The Foundation is your introduction to becoming fully embodied, completely plugged-in, and soul-connected with your own body–as it is, where it is, and how it is. The best place to start on this beautiful and whimsical self-discovery process is right where you are, right now. There is no special experience you need to begin your dance journey here–whether this will be the first time you’ve ever danced or you’ve been dancing all your life. If you’re a woman, and you’ve waited and lived this long–and you’re still curious and interested in knowing yourself even more, you’ve got everything you need to begin. If you’re aware of your desire to expand, know, and grow you’re already on the right track–ready to move beyond just reflexing and responding to things in your life in the same old ways. If you’re here, you’re ready to start living, healing, and expressing yourself more fully in the life you were meant to live–as the whole person you truly are, and we’re all really glad you made it here.