No matter your shape, size, color, or culture.

No matter how long it’s been since you danced, or if this will be your first time ever,

If it’s been too long since your last laughed with a room full of women who get you,

If you feel it’s about time to allow your soul a chance to be seen,

You’ve got a place to go.

Women of ancient times knew the power of women’s community and the beauty of honoring our stories by circling up with one another–and always, with music and dance, sharing and laughter.


This experience is specifically designed for women of all sizes, fitness levels, and stages of life–and ZERO dance experience is necessary.  

Our awakening is happening right now, and we need one another more than ever before. Let’s gather together to replenish, restore, release and rejuvenate–and connect with other women who are doing the same.

Choose the next step in your beautiful life adventure right here, right now. This is Awaken Women Dance™




FEBRUARY 24, 2019