I remember the moment a doctor suggested to me that I had been suffering from C-PTSD. While his diagnostic manual hadn’t quite caught up with the notion of “complex” PTSD, he knew a great deal about it. When he read the list of causes and related symptoms to me, I wept. When he went on to say that PTSD is the most treatable conditions with the highest rates of treatment success, I paused.

And then he said my desire to overcome would be the most pivotal asset to my recovery.

He was right about those things.

Healing from PTSD or C-PTSD is hard. And to anyone who is suffering through it or has experienced it, I’ve got to tell you–you’ve done harder things than healing. Of course it’s a process, and you can recover. The good news is, you are are your greatest, most trusted ally.

And you’re worth it.

I know because I’ve been on the healing journey myself. I get it. In all my personal healing work, specifically from C-PTSD, I came to realize that learning how to navigate healthy boundaries is the foundation of almost everything. I started here because I learned that a loving, stable, safe and sane environment was crucial to my success–and I realized that we all have a choices (even if it’s the smallest choice) to make in the matter–and that’s an enormous step in the direction of our ability to overcome.

The biggest question I had for myself and I know so many others have had the same giant question:

Where do I even begin?

I want to share the starting point I used to begin my healing process: Boundaries.

I created the Big 6 Check Yourself Out Checklist as an easy place to start because I care that you are well. I want you to be free.

And, because you’re reaching out on your own behalf, I know you will be.

Sign up here and I’ll send you the Big 6 Checklist as my gift to you.

Be well and be brave, and let’s keep talking.

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P.S. While I am a life coach and I do help women with mindset shifts and big breakthroughs, I’m not a therapist and I don’t play one on TV. If you’re in over your head and you need professional help, by all means, seek professional help. If your therapist doesn’t seem to understand you, seek another one. Help is out there, I promise.

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