The Art of Untangling Yourself – the VERY FIRST Step

If you’re really trying to figure yourself out, you’re already on the right path. If you have begun to ask yourself why you do what you do, why you think what you think, why you believe what you believe, if you can feel at all that you are headed in the direction toward what you were meant to do while you’re here, or if you’ve become insatiably curious about what good your life on Earth can serve . . .

I want you to realize, those are some very precious questions.


The questions you’re asking yourself are as valuable as your most honest answers. The good news, the bad news, and the beauty of it all is, only you can find the best answers to any of them. If that seems daunting and overwhelming to think about (because all these things seem so very big and so very serious, and there are so many brambly tangles in the way), I’m with you on that.

I can remember feeling like my life was the biggest most frustrating knot of kite string wound up around a wonky, wire clothes hanger. I was able to keep my kite in the air but it wasn’t flying as high and effortlessly as it could, and it certainly wasn’t easy (or the most fun). Much of the time, it felt like a math puzzle with too many unknowns to be able to solve for any reasonable answer.

If this is where you are now, you can move closer to where you want to be.


Let’s pretend a little here. If you and I were face-to-face (in person or virtually) and I asked you:

Why do you do that?

Why you think that?

Why you believe that?

Is that what you think were put on this Earth to do?

Would you blurt out, “Idon’tknow” as if it were one word? Would you opt-out of some or all of the questions in another way?

The first step to getting untangled is to simply pay attention to your first, knee-jerk answers to these questions.

I RECOMMEND: For one whole day, program your brain to listen for the phrase, “I don’t know.”

Just “tag” that phrase in your brain. Every time you answer any question out-loud (or in your mind) with, “I don’t know,” . . .

Pause . Then, politely ask yourself, “Is that absolutely true?”


More times that not, you’ll find that you really do know. Even if it’s just a clue.

To Be Continued Donna

For each time the Truth seemed to hurt

For each time compassion met you at the depth of your pain.

For every sacred moment you recognize in real time.

My story might be your medicine, and your story might be mine.

There’s more for you, Truthfairy.

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